Thursday, December 4, 2008

Germans Hate Saved By The Bell

by Kevin Tor

This chapter should really be split into two separate chapters but I feel together they paint a fuller picture of why Germany and Saved By The Bell will never exchange gifts at the holidays.*

Considered to be the straw that broke the German camel’s back, there was an episode in which Slater’s former army girlfriend, Jennifer, becomes a student at Bayside. In this episode, Slater and Jennifer reminisce about the time they went to the movies when their families were both stationed in Germany. They recall fondly their times at a certain theater. Only those close to the show know that the name used in the aired episode was not the original name of the theater. The scene had to be reshot after test screenings (full of Germans) revealed offense was taken when Slater mentioned going to see movies at the Every-German’s-A-Naziplex. Though writers offered to change it to Most-Germans-Are-Nazisplex as a compromise, Germans were still not satisfied. After lengthy court battles, it was changed to the ear-grating Berlinaplex.

The other reason Germans hate Saved By The Bell was the show picking Dennis Haskins over David Hasselhoff for the role of Mr. Belding. Hasselhoff hit a down point in his acting career after Knight Rider ended. His audition for the Indiana middle school principal went well enough. He displayed the right amount of authority but lacked the understanding found in most school administrators. Also, he banged Hayley Mills and acted like he didn’t even know her the next day. While it may not be appropriate to Hassel the Hoff, you should never Dismiss the Bliss.

*Ignoring the fact that they are not people capable of exchanging gifts.

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