Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lisa Fertile

by Kevin Tor

It seemed like the back door of Planned Parenthood was revolving for Lark Voorhies. When Voorhies showed up for her fourth procedure, she was in a jocular mood. "Do you guys have a punch card? Maybe I can get a morning after pill free," she said as she got on the table.

That was typical Voorhies. She loved to have sex and took the consequences of that love in stride. On this occasion, Voorhies was taking care of the results of an evening with Cylk Cozart, who played Lieutenant Adams in the episode where Zack learned leadership with the Cadet Corps. Things got heavy between the two after some playful post-shoot, pugil stick fighting. Cozart knocked her down and won the match. As he helped her up off the ground, he cornily said, "Sorry you lost but I like how you handle a stick" and then flashed that bright smile of his. Voorhies returned with "I usually never lose when I handle a stick" and seductively walked away.

The two adjourned to Voorhies' trailer where Lisa put on clothes from the Kelly Kapowski wardrobe closet. She wore the much sexier Kelly clothes for the guys she really liked. Screaming led to yelling led to crying led to moaning led to a little SBTB miracle. There were potential babies before and potential babies after but this one is memorable because it's the only one that could pinned on  a particular guy with absolute certainty.

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